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Here’s help for our most frequently heard questions.


The Sign Up will ask you for a minimal amount of information about you and you business.

In the top half of the screen you’re asked to fill in your email address, first and last name, your buyer category, and create your password.

In the bottom half of the screen you’re asked for the retailer account name you used to create your distributor account, a secondary email address if needed for order confirmations, delivery address, phone and fax. You may choose to be included, or opt out, to receive emails about promos and deals.

Account Approval Process
Before your first order can be processed your account must be approved. Turnpike processes account approvals during regular business hours. To approve your account we match the information you provide to us about your business with your approved account information provided via the distributor.

Note: Your distributor account must already be approved before we can match your information.


1. Placing your order starts on the Add Items screen where you’ll need to choose your preferred distributor and warehouse, for instance if Threshold is your preferred distributor you’ll choose Main as the warehouse.

2. You have the option of choosing how you’d like to browse the catalog using the Filter/Search and Deals & Case Stacks options.

You can also Search items by brand, UPC, or keywords.

3. Once you’ve sorted the catalog you can choose the quantity of the items you’d like to add to your order and either click the add button under each section, or once you’ve chosen multiple products, click the Update All button before moving to the next screen.

5. After you’ve chosen all your products click the Review/Submit button and you’ll be shown your current order.

Review Order Screen
If the Distributor Account # is empty you should add it at this time; While you can Submit the order it will not be processed until your account has been confirmed.

The “Authorized by” field should be your name, the authorized buyer for your store.

Notes Section
If you need to add notes to your order you should add them on this screen prior to submitting your order.

Changing your order
As long as the status of your order is unsubmitted, or pending, you may make changes to your order. Once your order has been processed you must contact the preferred distributor directly to make any changes.

Order process – Edit, Add, Remove
The Order Status on submitted orders will change to Pending Review, once the order has been transmitted to the distributor(s) the order status will change to Approved.

All questions on approved orders should be directed to your distributor.

While an order is in Pending Review status you may make edits to the order, or cancel the order completely.


Off invoice promotions and case stack deals are applicable only during the promotion month, if an order is held and submitted after the end of the promotion the pricing will be readjusted accordingly.

Promotional Planning
If you change the calendar date in the upper right corner you can see upcoming deals as that information becomes available. You can pre-order your based on this calendar by setting the order date within the promo month, and adding a note to the order.

Distributor Retailer Discounts
Retailer specific volume discounts will be applied by the distributor.


Browse Deals
Clicking this menu option will resort the catalog to show you

Edit your profile
Clicking on your name in the menu at the top right of the screen will give you the option to update your account information including your name, address, phone, email addresses, and fax.

To change your password, type your new password in the New Password field and then enter it again in the Repeat New Password field. Click the Update Profile button to save any changes.

Lost Password
You can Reset your password here by entering your email address or username and clicking the Get New Password button.


For Tech Support while creating your account or placing your order call (770) 464-5570 or use the online chat feature at the bottom right of your screen.

For questions about your distributor account, invoicing, shipping, or additional product details you will need to call the distributor directly. Following are the most recent customer service numbers for the distributors listed in our catalog.

Albert’s Denver Division

Albert’s East Division

Albert’s New England Division

Albert’s South Division

Albert’s Southeast

Albert’s Twin Cities Division

Albert’s West Division

Garden Spot

KeHE Distributors

Lotus Light


Select Nutrition

Super Natural Distributors


UNFI East Region

UNFI West Region